Some Examples of the Cake Choices That Await You

Let Tasty Temptations by Terry introduce you to a world of cake perfection. Your choice of fillings, frostings, and decorations is almost limitless. Cake products are priced according to size or servings, and optional choices. Due to the many selections, pricing will vary for each custom cake. Here are some lists of the many selections available to you:

• Traditional Cake Choices
• Vanilla — White or Yellow
• Chocolate — Milk, German or Devils Food
• Strawberry
• Lemon,
• Orange & Spice
• Premium Cake Choices
• Italian Cream
• Pineapple Upside-Down
• German Chocolate
• Carrot
• Red Velvet
• White Chocolate
• Almond
• Black Walnut
• Tangerine
• Classical Genoise
• Tortes

Cake Fillings

These selections are alternatives to frosting which may be used between the cake layers:

• Premium Raspberry Jam
• Lemon Curd
• Premium Strawberry Jam
• Premium Orange Marmalade
• Chocolate Ganache
• Mousse — White Chocolate, Chocolate, Amaretto, Hazelnut and More
• Fresh Fruit

Syrup Washes

A syrup wash is a highly flavored syrup that is brushed on cake layers to infuse additional flavors into the product. Rum syrup is often brushed onto Devils Food Cake layers. Other washes include:

• Amaretto
• Cognac
• Brandy
• Cherry Brandy
• Rum
• Crown Royal
• Jack Daniels
• Bourbon
• Liquors
• Fruits & Citrus

Cake Finishes

Finishes are frostings or coverings used on the outside of your cake. Select from:

• Simple Buttercream
• French Buttercream
• German Chocolate
• Cream Cheese
• Chocolate Ganache
• Fondant
• Whipped Creme Icing
• Flat Icing

Maskings — Nuts, Coconut, Chocolate Shavings, Periles, Crumbs, Chocolate Powder, Krinkles


Decorations enhance the cake finishes through artistry. Many cakes are decorated with simple or lavish styles of piping in the form of:

• Scrolls
• Shells
• Ribbons
• Weaves
• Lace
• Leaves
• Flowers
• Script

Most piping is done using Simple Buttercream. Royal Icing is used upon request. Royal icing hardens to a hard candy texture over a short period. Marzipan, gum paste, and fondant items are produced to order.